Japan is at the forefront of a global ageing trend and is facing a challenge that no other country has ever experienced.

In this e-case study and video documentary we explore the issue of ageing in Japan and show how an ever growing proportion of the population is enjoying their Wisdom Years.

We examine how science can prolong our lives and how social ties play a role in keeping us healthy and active. We look at the role of the care-giver and the kinds of changes we should make in our cities and communities in order to respond to the needs of the elderly.

As a secondary aim of this e-case study and video documentary, we make the case for governments to include social determinants of health in their policy-oriented interventions.

Japan is widely recognized as one of the healthiest countries in the world, with the highest life-expectancy rate, advanced technological development, and a traditionally healthy diet low in fats.

The case for action will be profiled through an examination of how Japan is addressing the issue of ageing and the importance of social inclusion of its ageing population. We stress the importance of building and strengthening relationships with family and other members of the community as a way to improve and maintain good health.

We hope that through an increased understanding of social dimensions of ageing, policy makers will review the effectiveness of existing health policies and interventions, and will focus on promoting healthy and active ageing.